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About us

A good solution only comes from a real problem.

The idea for our software solution came from our own experience of the problem.

Several years ago, one of our founders had to experience for himself what it is like to suddenly and irreversibly lose a large amount of stored data.
The data was important information about PPE articles, which should be regularly checked by expert examinations. For the reason that already at that time more and more insurances and governmental institutions demanded the appropriate examination of PPE, since thus liability questions are easier to clarify, and/or accidents should not happen at all.

However, at that time there was neither a simple nor a convincing way to carefully and systematically check the equipment.

The basic idea was therefore tangible after a short time. Why not do what has been happening or should be happening for many years in companies in every industry?

Digitalize – store data in the cloud and no longer risk data loss.

Above all, by creating a contemporary way to make work safer in conjunction with fall protection.
One of our first customers was the mountain rescue service, where PSA-Audit was used. The application was carefully tested there and proved its worth, from then on the software was constantly expanded and improved.

From my own many years of experience in the rescue service, the requirements for the software were realistic and customer-oriented from the very beginning, but above all also of personal interest.

PSA Audit should primarily be easy to use even for people without an IT background in order to create a working basis that can be established without much effort.

The digital order and diligence created by implementing PSA Audit should make many people’s everyday work safer.

Among other things, PPE Audit is designed to promote responsible and careful use of protective equipment through a simple inspection process.


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